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Contributor II
Contributor II

How do I make a Pivot table that is in QLikview appear the same in NPRINT?

I have an attached screen grab of a pivot table in Qlikview that I want to have the same results in NPRINT. I create a pivot table from the table the report comes from and the data never formats the same way. The % percentage calculations either are always 0% or 100%. I would love the format to be the same as what appears in Qlikview and having no luck.

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It would be good if you could attach qvw file so i could work on it.

Could you also inlude screenshot or xls file of your outcome from NPrinting

You can do couple of tricks with it depending on what you will use this information for:

  1. Use image instead of data table. That will create table as it is in QV
  2. See whether you have "ticked" checkbox (keep source formatting). Depending on how you would like to have your outcome to be looking like you may want to "uncheck it" and do all formatting in excel. Keep in mind that your values need to be transfered to excel as numbers. They cannot be text"
  3. Export as straight table and create XLS file with pivot table formated to your needs with refresh pivot table on open

Hope this will point you in right direction



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