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NPrinting Sept 2017 (17.5) - Cache Progress stays at 0%

I am running QV12 and NP Sep 2017 version and am wondering if anyone knows what the rate at which the Progress column on the Task Executions screen will update when reloaded metadata for a connection in the NP web console.  (For example, every 10 minutes of execution time yields another 10% added to the overall progress.)  I launched a metadata reload and an hour later it still says 0% progress.  My app is similar in size to another app I have and have reloaded and I don't think it would even take an hour to reload, yet the tool shows no progress has been made.  And upon trying other apps that worked in the past, these are not successful either and just sit at 0%. To my knowledge nothing has changed with my environment but I'll take any suggestions as to things to look at.  I did confirm that NP user is in the proper groups on my qlik server and that that NP can log into the qlik server and open apps in server.

I do have success with a scheduled report publish task that publishes a report to the NewsStand, so I'm assuming this functionality calls upon different code than a metadata reload does. Thanks for your help.

cache progress 0.PNG

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