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NPrinting Service account number of demand report generated


I am looking for a solution which I can generate a report to have the number of On-demand reports generated by the NPrinting service account.

I have used the session monitor app but the issue is it shows the number of sessions and it can be multiple sessions for a single on-demand report. any idea appreciated.

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I suggest you upgrade to at least Nov 2020 or even better to Feb 2021 version where you can easily utilise Audit logs for that purpose. 

see details here:




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Please note that in the audit trail table also previews done with the Qlik NPrinting Designer are recorded with data_type = 'OnDemandRequest'. To filter only On-Demand requests you have to add the where condition data->>'requestSourceType' = 'OnDemand' and you will have both creation and download records. To select only the creation records add action = 'Created'.

SQL code will be similar too:

select *,
    data->>'format' as request_format,
    data->>'requestSourceType' as request_type
from public.audit_event
where data_type = 'OnDemandRequest'
   and data->>'requestSourceType' = 'OnDemand'
   and action = 'Created'

where I added

    data->>'format' as request_format,
    data->>'requestSourceType' as request_type

only to show an example about how to transform JSON data to columns.

From February 2021 you can also retrieve audit data via APIs.

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