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Qlikview 12 and Nprinting 17.3 - set up


We are planning installation of Qlikview 12.10 and Nprinting 17.3 on the same server. Qlik has confirmed that it's ok to install both on the same server.

However when I read all resources on help.qlik.com I notice 2 things:

  • first, there is a lot of references to Qlik Sense in Nprinting documentation but very few to Qlikview. For example on this page, the ports configuration doesn't reference Qlikview, only Qlik Sense : https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.3/Content/DeployingQVNprinting/Architecture-sizing.htm
  • second, there is no description of my situation: if Nprinting and Qlikview (or Qlik Sense) are on the same server, it will have a conflict on ports (80 for example, or 4747 which is referenced by both products as mandatory) and so this situation must be managed.

Do you have some feedbacks on this configuration ? Do you have some usable paper that covers this case ?

Thanks a lot.