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Query on label alignment in Pivot table

Hi all,

i cant seem to RIGHT align the labels in a pivot table. it works in QV and when looking at the pivot table all of my labels are right aligned, but in NPrinting they are left aligned and no matter what i try i cant seem to get it to work. is this a bug does anyone know?

Right aligned in QV


Left aligned in NPrinting output


also, is there a way i can stop the dimensions being repeated on each Row

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Re: Query on label alignment in Pivot table

Chris -

QlikView pivot tables are not "supported" by NPrinting, meaning that the dimension rows will repeat and is the likely cause behind your inability to align the labels.

See this tutorial for creating an Excel pivot table using QlikView data: How to Create a Pivot Table from Excel Table Columns

Note this this requires you to clone the pivot table object in QlikView and recreate it as a straight table first. If you don't want to expose the straight table to your end users, place it on a hidden sheet where it will still be accessible to NPrinting.

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Re: Query on label alignment in Pivot table

That is correct Stephen.   And then if you select the toolbar icon on your template editor you can set the formatting of your NPrinting document including pivot table labels1.png

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