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Viewing Qsense graphs in Nprinting


I published pages in Qsense, which are currently in the "published by me" section.

In spite of that, I can not find my graph in the grahs proposed by Nprinting.

Could you tell me or put the graphs so that Nprinting can find them?

I thank you in advance.

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Re: Viewing Qsense graphs in Nprinting


are you a Qlik Sense developer and your sheets you are trying to see in NPrinting are "BASE Sheets"?

Assume scenarion:

  • You work on application in Work stream and you create sheet A
    • then you publish your app to Stream XX
    • then user opens app in Stream XX and creates there his Sheet B in "My Sheets"
    • then user publishes this sheet to "Community/Published" sheets

Answer - Sheet B will not be visible in NPrinting as it is not part of the Base sheets - it is not a transferable with qvf file (it is only server object which is not supported by NPrinting (to best of my knowledge). In order to to include sheet B in NPrinting developer needs to open application in WORK stream in Qlik Sense hub and create it as a base sheet.

Next important step is to re-generate metadata in NPrinting connection in order to pull new object informations from Qlik Sense.

On the other note - do you use build in QlikSense objects, or extensions? Some extensions may not be supported in NPrinting.



cheers Lech
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