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is it possible to run nPrinting task on-demand without on-demand extension

Hi Guys,

I have nPrinting Designer & nPrinting Server but I don't have On-Demand extension

Is there a way to run or trigger nPrinting task or .nsq schedule without On-Demand Extension?


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Thanks Avinash, can an end user do it from qlikview? I mean can we create a button in qlikview to run that job?


yes, you can but on the button click you need to place the XML.request file in the specified folder (which you have specified while configuring the job ), for this to achieve you need to make use of the macro and using macro you need to place the xml file in the required path

Hope this helps you

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Thank you for quick reply

I am not good at macros.. would you mind posting a sample macro

my sql files is in this folder D:\NPrinting\Data\SampleReport.nsq

And I have placed .request file in D:\NPtinging\XMLrequest\SampleReport.request

<?xml version="1.0"?>


     <schedule file="D:\NPrinting\Data\SampleReport.nsq type="Task" entityName="Print Report" />


What would be the macro to run this?