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Contributor II
Contributor II

NP17 sort qliksense pivot table inside of level

I need help in sorting a nPrinting report.  I am using nPrinting June 2019 with a qlik sense app.  I have added a level and a table.  The table is based on pivot chart from qlik sense application.  In the pivot table, the first column is sorted alphabetically DESC (z→a), and in the nPrinting report it sorts ASC (a→z).  The desired result is a DESC sort.  I have seen similar posts to this where the marked 'solved' response is to sort the source object, but this is not working.  Is it because of pivot table?  I need subtotals.  I could add more levels and reduce the number of dims for the table to achieve the same result, but not sure if this will work and it seems sorting with this method should be an option.  Any help greatly appreciated!


The nPrinting template looks like this:





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What is the version of Qlik Sense - it may be quite important for replicating your issue.

Things I would try:

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense version is November 2019.  I have tried reloading metadata and that did not work.  I sorted the dimensional table and reloading metadata again...  that did not work, either.