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NPRINTNG 17 (November) ON DEMAND : Applying current selections of QlikView document

How can i apply current selections on demand ?it is visibly possible but I do not know how

i found this :

Before you begin

Note the following:

  • The Qlik NPrintingOn-Demand Add-on must be installed on the QlikView Server.
  • The Qlik NPrinting administrator must assign On-Demand users a security role with On-DemandCreate authorization.
  • Users creating On-Demand reports in QlikView must have their Windows Active Directory user account associated with their Qlik NPrinting web console user account.See: Creating users with filters and groups.
  • Users creating On-Demand reports in QlikView must have a domain and user associated to their Qlik NPrinting web console user account that matches the domain and user of their QlikView Server Windows Active Directory user account.
  • Applying section access and current selections present in the QlikView document is supported.
  • On-Demand sessions appear in the QVS Statistics tab of the QlikView Server, but do not count against session CAL totals.

for now, I have an empty report after applying a selection

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Which version of QlikView are you using with Qlik NPrinting?

Are you able to send a screenshot of the issue? Does this work in other browsers?

If you use the DEV Tools in Google Chrome does it capture any error messages?

Lastly is On-Demand configured correctly for the App / Report / User? Are there any unsupported objects on the QVW?