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Creator II
Creator II

NPrinitng Governance Report

HI All, 


Good eve.

I would check with all exports here about , have any created data model for Nprinting governance report in qlik view/sense . what exactly i am expecting is.

1. If we create App , connection , report , task etc all is stored at db.

2. By using that data i would like to create report like how many apps and each app has how many connections with report along with users for report with filters etc.


Have anyone created such model or application to my questions.


Fell free to revert in case any findings or suggestion on the same, thank you.

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@JonnyPoole  just published the first version of his NPrinting Governance Dashboard at

It is a Qlik Sense App that loads a large amount of information from the Qlik NPrinting Repository to help administrators better visualize and understand their Qlik NPrinting Deployments. 

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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