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NPrinting 17 - Edit Template


I have a problem when I edit a template for a .qvw file using NPrinting 17.1.2 (and 17.2). It has already been loaded in cache memory. When I try to open a Designer (after the credential) NP said "Qlikview NPrinting can't find a supported data app to manage the external application".

Who can help me?


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I presume it's to late for you but maybe it will help others:

After i defined a new connection i had that same error. On all the report that was already built on that application.

I suspect that NPrint doesn't support 2 connection type on the same application. Until today all the connection was as Type: Server and today i defined a new connection as LocalFile.

In this moment the error appeared.

After i deleted that connection and recreated as Type:Server it started working again....