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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

NPrinting Cell Justification for Excel reports

Hi.  I have a situation which I think is fairly common.

I have a straight table in Qlikview and I am using it for a report in NPrinting.

The expressions are all set to right justify for text and numeric in Presentation.

In the expression, I have it displaying text if there is no data:

  =if(Sum(Amount)=0,'No Sales',Sum(Amount))

When I use this is NPrinting for an excel report, the numeric cells are right justified, but the text cells are left justified.

NPrinting Justification Issue.png

Any idea on how to fix this?

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its the default nature of excel , we don't have any control on that.


I'm passing the item to nPrinting and selecting 'keep source format' - which it's not doing. You can tell excel how to align things, including labels, so to me this is an error/bug and so I disagree, we should have control over that.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Shane/Aaron,

Did you get any solution to this. I am facing the same issue.


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Did you get it solved??

I'm stuck with same issue any help is appreciated.

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This can be fixed by ignoring the source code in the properties tab for the individual tables. It'll ignore that it identifies it as a character and your report will be centered.