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Partner - Contributor II

NPrinting Cycling report distribution as .zip across all destinations


I'm working with a client and they're using cycling to distribute reports to a folder destination. The reports are being generated properly, but they want the output to be in the archived .zip file instead of individual files in the folder. According to Qlik's official help site, it says:

          "Once created, the zip file will be sent to every selected report destination, the same as a standard report. Report cycling works with all distribution methods."

This works with email as I am getting a .zip archive in the email, but is clearly not the case with the folder destination. Can someone elaborate/clarify if it is indeed possible to have the cycled reports sent to a folder as a .zip archive instead of individual files?

We're using the Feb 2018 release of NPrinting.


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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Has this been implemented/fixed yet?

The automatic zipping of cycled reports is a really troublesome feature. Most users want to receive the reports unzipped.

This is especially bad when delivering reports through the hub. If the report happens to be cycled, the user has to download a zip file and extract it locally in order to look at the reports. Nobody wants to do this extra work. It would be so much more convenient if the reports could be delivered to the hub as PDF like any non-cycled reports are.

NPrinting control panel should have a simple option "Compress cycled reports into zip file". If that is unchecked, the reports will be delivered unzipped as separate files.