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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

NPrinting Report for Multiple Countries

Hi All,

I have a Qlik Sense report that has to be sent using Qlik N Printing. Now the Issue is we have Country Column and we need to Extract Report for each Country. How can we set it in a single trigger. Other wise i have to set 196 triggers for separate countries.


Do Suggest your thoughts




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If you simply need a report for each country, add 'country' as a report cycle.

Check this article for details.


You can set up 196 NPrinting users - one NP user for each country

Add a user filter for each country to each individual NPrinting user account. (in each new NP user, you can use fake emails like the following as long as they are unique,  etc.)

Distribute the reports to folder destination:

The later takes longer to set up initially but is much faster when executing (vs cycled reports) and exports to the output format you select in the Publish Task.

Cycled reports are zipped and are slower to execute than the filtered user method.

Kind regards...


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Please start by studing the official help site before using Qlik NPrinting. Thanks.

What you are asking, sending filtered reports, is the reason why Qlik NPrinting exists and it is well documented. Qlik NPrinting is an enterprise class software and you need to have an initial training before using it. There is a getting started tutorial, many video tutorials and you can use search feature to search the topic you need.

Please also note that this is a community of volunteers where people share their knowledge and help other people for free (a part Qlik employees). So there is not a service level agreement that states how fast to answer to urgent question. 

Please, when you create a new question in the community, invest the needed time to create it with care. Adding the correct labels is very important to help use to understand your questions and help you because the answer could depend on the used version. In other words you added NPrinting 16.9 as the version you are using and you state that you are connecting with Qlik Sense but that is not possible because QlikView NPrinting 16.* doesn't support Qlik Sense.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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