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Contributor III

NPrinting is cutting the graphs in PPT


I'm creating a PPT in NPrinting from graphs in Qlik Sense, the problem is that for some of them, NPrinting is not adjusting the size of the graph to the space available in the PPT, resulting in cutting the graph.

Do you know how can I make Qlik keep all the graph visible in the PPT and just fit it inside?

Here is a screenshot of what is happening:

The graph is like this:


But it is showing in the PPT like this:


As you can see, it is cut off in the middle of "B2C" column.

Thank you.



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Play with these properties, 'Stretch' works always for me better than other options. Higher the data displayed height and width, more the chart data you can accommodate.





Hi @Morgoz 

@Digvijay_Singh pointed important settings - Displayed Height and Width. Think of them as of the resolution of the screen on which object is rendered/printed. This has 2 implications. 1 - being quality and 2 - the actual chart can change its looks due to responsive design of Qlik Sense. If you set those values to small numbers it may cause some of the labels to truncate or disappear, same for axis values etc... You can kind of observe the same when you look at chart in Qlik Sense and you start zooming in and out in your web browser.

 Then think about how much of the same space (resolution) you allocate in your PowerPoint slide. Try to calculate and provide it with exactly the same space - then you get the best result. Also keep in mind that not everything is just on NPrinting side.

There are very important settings which you may want to check on PowerPoint side when editing template. Try to see how "Relative to original picture size" option works for you as it should force PowerPoint to retain aspect ratios of image which comes out from Qlik hence should not crop it. 

One point I disagree with @Digvijay_Singh is his option to "Stretch" - I dont like it as it may distort the image. I would stay on "Fit Inside" option as it tends to give me the most clear images





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