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Creator II

Nprinting on Adhoc Reporting Functionality Model

Hi All ,

I  have a dashboard( Adhoc Reporting ) where in we used to have  "DIMENSIONS"  and "MEASURES" and up on selection of "Dimensions" and "Measures" ,the actual fields would appear on the Chart(Straight Table ) .

While using Adhoc functionality , we add some "Enable Conditional" right for each and every "Dimension" used in the chart to get enable only when the particular dimension / measure is selected .

This all we can play around in Accesspoint  by clicking.

Now ,having all these "Enable Conditions" for each "dimensions" in the chart , can we use them in Nprinting  or do we have to create a different chart without having any "Enable Conditions"   and hide that chart and use it only for Nprinting  ?

 what's the best way to create Nprinting Reports on the Adhoc reporting funcionality type models ?

Users need around 50 + reports to be scheduled having different set of dimensions and measures .

How to achieve this with ease ?



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Partner Ambassador/MVP


Objects in QlikVIew can be hidden or shown just like you described. AdHoc view or DIY is a very common and basic functionality. Now when it comes to NPrinting situation is quite different. NPrinting reports are template based and as such require static structure/layout. Without it you are very limited. 

In regards to actual objects with conditional hide/show - they are only partially supported. You can put tables as a whole tag, but you will not be able to have individual columns formatted just like you would normally do say in Excel reports.

Another thing with OnDemand reporting is that it passes selections state only. User variable inputs are not taken into account so if your AdHoc view works based on user setting variables that will not work. Instead you would have to convert it to solution based on field selections. 

Another thing is that usually AdHoc views and other selectors in QlikView use "Always one selected" value property. I am not sure if this is how you have built yours but you need to ensure your qvw file does not have any fields with "Always one selected value" enabled before you use it with NPrinting.  

We talked little bit about about AdHoc reports on community but nice and neat solution requires very convoluted and difficult setup (for example



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I suggest you to start by reading the Qlik NPrinting Getting Started tutorial It will give you an overall idea about what Qlik NPrinting can do for you and how it is designed to work.

Showing or hiding parts of a reports depends of the kind of template you want to use. The type of template to choice depends on the format of the result you want. 

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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