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Defect acknowledgement with Nprinting Engine May 2022 SR2, please READ HERE
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Qlik sens app chart axis not showing the same in N-Printing

I have a Chart in the App/connection that shows correctly, however when I move it as an image in N-printing the axis seems to have a sort order all of its own.  not sure how to fix this. I have created a new n-printing app using the same connection and it peviews good for about 3-5 times then it jumps to the awful sort issue.  top  chart is how it looks in source app, and below that is how it appears in the previewed  n-printing ppt. 

not sure how to fix this. also in the qlik sens app the axis is a formula to force July -June sort  by expression ascending (if([Disc Month End.autoCalendar.Month]<7, [Disc Month End.autoCalendar.Month]+12,[Disc Month End.autoCalendar.Month]))

and the chart is brought into N-printing as an image. n-printing Version:  Any help would be greatly appreciated

nprint issue.png

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  1. Please provide the exact versions of both Qlik Sense and NPrinting.
  2. Make sure you run supported configuration (details on
  3. I would avoid using autocalendar as fields from autocalendar are only virtual, instead I would create proper month field
  4. For sorting purposes you may want to use that field
  5. You also seem to use continuous scale in Qlik Sense which makes it hard to see what is happening

In general this is quite unuasual, unless there is something done wrong or not taken into account. 

More info may be necessary to debug this...


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