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Specialist II
Specialist II

Straight Table Level Not Working

I am trying to use a straight table with only one visible column as a filter on my NP Excel report but it is not working. 

This works in Paging but I need to have it set up as a level all on one tab.




The table is needed because there is some logic behind the ticket number to be displayed. Not all tickets should be displayed. If I use just the ticket field like below (DEFECT_ID), I get blank charts back. 



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In short - it should work.

We are not there with you and we dont see if all tags are added properly. We also dont know what the source table will behave like while being used as a level: (for test apply selection on each dimension value of the table to see what is returned, as some expressions with set analysis may cause issues)

What you gave us is still not enough to investigate. What we need is scenario to be able to replicate your issue, that includes:

  • dimensions and expressions in your source table (can be built of dummy Ctrl+Q+Q script)
  • screenshot of your template (although it would be better to have your report template exported
  • screenshot of your left hand side panel properties in NPrinting designer - so we can see how you are using those tags and where

Lets see how it goes - It is a strange one, but it may simply be a silly mistake ....

cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.