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Defect acknowledgement with Nprinting Engine May 2022 SR2, please READ HERE
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Task and Report not working

We running into weird problem in Nprinting with certain reports, 

Suddenly some of the reports are not running, Giving the error message

ERROR: Object 'XAGfJbJ' from Sense app 'dc5abc6b-83b5-4bbd-817d-33ae10e51557' had problems when rendering. ERROR: CEF rendering exception. Error during GRPC request. ERROR: Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.SDK.Rendering.MashupLoadException: request with id 6ea06b03e147490980873342c95a2a9d failed with remote error ErrorLoadurlTimeoutResult, mashup load failure

The objects are qlik regular objects,  we tried to reload the connection and restart the serrvices, but it didn't change the outcome.

Furthermore when I tried to preview the report itself, we got the error



any idea can we do about it?

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