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level functionality in table object excel template


I need to replicate excel function for each row using right() excel function to present part of another column value how can I do that with table object in excel template?

I know how to do it with level but I cant use filters on levels which i can with table in excel template.



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How is your values looking on that field. We have same environment like Subfield() to replicate and split into bulk fields from one long string / Binary

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Partner - Master II

Can you not do this in your table then bring it into nprinting directly?

They recommend you have a dedicated app for use with nprinting so you have tables and charts ready for use in nprinting.




Expand table in Qlik and then bring it as a table.

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first create a base sheet for your table

and create sheet2  with your filters and then like that how many filters you have you can create that many sheets

then after delete the data in base sheet   and do refresh in excel and load that template