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Happy Day of the Programmer! As the 256th day of the year, developers are celebrated on this day based on binary code — an important concept within computer science. You see, 1 Byte consists of 8 Bits. It has 2^8 or 256 possible values. Translated to binary code, the day reads 1 0000 0000. These values are well-known to developers making it the perfect day to celebrate their contributions.

That also why today we’re unveiling Qlik Branch’s fresh new look and UX. Built on top of the Qlik Associative Engine, the new site experience at https://developer.qlik.com is the developer gateway for experiencing the power of our Associative Engine and APIs. It features:

  • Qlik Branch Garden a hub for developers to share and collaborate on open source projects that ignite innovation leveraging Qlik products
  • Qlik Branch Playground— a sandbox for developers to experience the power of Qlik Core for free by running their data through the Qlik Associative Engine to quickly explore, create, share and test their application ideas — right in their browser. 
  • Qlik Branch Knowledge— tutorials and hacks from Qlik’s developer relations team and squad of 30,000+ developers

Across the site, you can favorite, upvote, downvote and provide comments to content.
You can also curate your own content via your user profile page and get the latest on upcoming events and news. So, whether you’re a seasoned developer or just beginning your developer journey, join our Qlik Branch Squad!

Also, share your feedback and roadmap ideas via the #branch-website Qlik Branch Slack channel. And if you’re really a fan of the new experience, be sure to share on social using #NewBranchOut.