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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Automated reporting Excel to Dropbox


A customer of mine is requesting automated Excel reporting to Dropbox according to a particular template. However, I cannot seem to find a solution. 

The customer wants a Excel report based on a table in the dashboard. Some changes need to be made, that we cannot include in the table in the dashboard. Therefore, we need a template in Excel, like in Tabular reporting. However, then we cannot distribute the report to a Dropbox folder. Due to the fact that we need to use Excel, application automation is not possible. 

Does anyone know how to achieve this? 

kind regards, 


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I would add a dropbox target as an idea for the QLIK ideation portal. Documenting your idea will help Qlik prioritize new targets for Tabular Reporting.

Consider adopting a 3rd party tool that will autosync files from sharepoint to dropbox. 

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi @SterreKapteijns & @F_B We can do this natively with ancoreShare and much more. For example create multi tab reports, with various and conditional layouts. Add pre and post filtering to data selections for data sent to Excel. Eg turn a report in an alert with data. etc.


Note: ancoreShare is not constrained to 1Million rows in Excel either.

Happy to provide a demo to you & your customer.

Further, ancoreShare (enhanced reporting for Qlik) will be at Qlik Connect to show all the incredible enhanced reporting features available. 

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

@JonnyPoole we do a very similar thing internally, and use Power Automate to copy files to Dropbox.

If a Qlik customer wants to target Dropbox then ancoreShare Qlik extension does this natively, and can use Power Automate in Qlik Cloud to do this. Adopting Power Automate (for customers that use it) makes a lot of sense. Of course ancoreShare also works with Qlik Application Automation, and ancoreSoft will happily add other automation integrations as well.

Downstream automation and integration capabilities are key to next generation reporting and one of the three main pillars of anoreShare. Along with pixel perfect paginated reporting (emphasis on paginated) and its simplicity, scalability and security claims.

We position ancoreShare to drive Qlik customers to Qlik Cloud and leave all legacy on-premise reporting solutions behind. A strategic play that is helping customers and helping Qlik - with happy customers.


Hi Sterre,

Using Qalyptus, you can meet your customers' needs. Qalyptus Cloud allows you to design and distribute advanced Excel reports to Dropbox.

Here is an example of distributing an Excel file to SharePoint; it works similarly for Dropbox.

Qalyptus Cloud Overview

Try it for Free (100% cloud solution; no installation is necessary)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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