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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Cloud Emailing report with filters

Hi all,
I have been attempting to set up email reports using Qlik Cloud and haven't been able to find answers if QlikCloud is capable of doing what I am aiming to achieve.

I have a qlik cloud app that I am trying to send multiple email snapshots of the graph within the app via email to users each day. For each snapshot, it will be selecting a different filter (e.g. location). 

I have managed to achieve this as individual email reports, however I was wondering if there is a way to combine all of these into a single email report (and associated PDF).

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi @elliot9821 

how did you achieve to send individual reports? With Application Automation?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Subscribing to the email report for the graph with the appropriate filters applied.

Creator III
Creator III

You can generate and schedule reports with Application Automation:

Reporting from Qlik Cloud Analytics with Qlik Application Automation | Qlik Cloud Help

or using the Excel add-in for Tabular Reporting:

Tabular reporting with Qlik Cloud Analytics | Qlik Cloud Help


Hope this can be helpful



Hi @elliot9821,

I don't see any option in Qlik Automation to send one email to all recipients.

If this is important to you, Qalyptus can help.



Qalyptus Cloud Overview

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Let me know if you have any questions.



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