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Qlik Sense - Add Local Windows User


I am having problems in adding a local windows user to Qlik Sense.

We created a local windows user through add user and then we do not see it in qlik sense.

How are we able to see the local windows user in qlik sense so we can assign them licenses?


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Re: Qlik Sense - Add Local Windows User

Hi syed,

Plz chk below link

Qlik Sense Desktop Support FAQ


Re: Qlik Sense - Add Local Windows User

You would need to create a UDC (user directory connector) to the local machine's repository. Then you can run a sync to sync the users and groups into Qlik Sense , and then they will show in the 'Users' section of the QMC and can referenced for token allocation


Setting up the UDC is straight forward. 

But when the user's login, they may get auto-authenticated to your domain credentials. To break that , you may need to login to the machine's IP address;  https://<IPaddress>/hub  and then it will prompt for credentials. Enter  MachineName\UserName  to ensure windows authenticates against the local directory, then you should get in as a local user.  One issue though, Qlik sense will prevent access via IP until you add the IPaddress to the 'websocket origin white list' in the advanced properties of the Qlik Sense virtual proxy in the QMC.   Post back if you run into any problems.