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Unsupported File Format

Just tried making a new data connection to a folder on our server.  It allows the path to be made but when I try an upload any excel docs from that folder, I get the following message "unsupported file format".  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or what I might be doing wrong?  I've looked at a variety of posts related to this but don't understand how they resolved...



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Re: Unsupported File Format

I think the file-format is really wrong. For excel there are two different formats - an older one with (Biff, ...) for xls-files and a newer one (OOXML, ...) for xlsx-files.

- Marcus

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Re: Unsupported File Format

Please check excel file extension or please upload the sample of your file so that i can help you.

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Re: Unsupported File Format

I had the same issue, with just a regular .XLSX excel file. Not sure why the error occured, but i was able to load the data by going to the data manager and attaching the file.

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