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having problem converting from SQL Date format

Hi all,

recently i have come across with an issue converting SQL date 'yyyy-mm-dd' into qlik 'dd/mm/yyyy'.

first of all, i have to declare that it is not a wide spread issue, i have no problem converting dates and store them into QVD.

it is particularly happening on one of the hundreds of QVDs i ever handled.

the difference i can see from comparing with other working QVDs is that in this particular QVD generation process, i threw in a lot of temp table processing on SQL side. for example, i select data from source SQL table into a tenp table, then manipulate the data and select into another temp table, etc. at the last step, i grab all the data from the final temp table and start formatting the date fields.

i tried, DATE(field), DATE(DATE#(field, 'yyyy-mm-dd')), DATE(DATE#(field,'yyyy-mm-dd'),'dd/mm/yyyy'), and many more, none of them worked, some even converted the dates wrong.

however, if i leave as is, when i read in data from the QVD, and simply put a date() around the fields, it works.

has anyone come across this issue before?

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Re: having problem converting from SQL Date format


try to change Format Date in Upper Case Like


because mm in format date/time is minutes and MM is Months.



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Re: having problem converting from SQL Date format

sorry for the confusion, everything is in upper case, i was just too lazy