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Logout user after websocket connection via Header Authentication


I'm using a server-side cloud function, written as a Node.js action, to connect to the Qlik Sense Engine via websocket and retrieve some information, passing through a virtual proxy with Header Authentication. This is the link for my websocket connection: wss://<serverName>/hdrauth/app/?Xrfkey=<XrfKey>.

If I launch multiple times the same cloud function, for the same user,  the engine returns this error, with method "OnLicenseAccessDenied": 

Access to the app is denied: NoAvailableAccessType

Even if I use the Personal API http://<serverName>/hdrauth/qps/user?Xrfkey=1<Xrfkey> immediately after the websocket connection and it returns code 204, this error remains..

Am I missing something? How can I resolve this problem?

I could use a direct connection to the engine via port 4747, but is there some limits of usage, like a connection limit for single user? 

Thank you, have a nice day

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