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Qlik Sense Server + Nginx Reverse Proxy

When in the stand alone server, all the qlik sense setting working fine.  We can logon and check the report. We use the local directory to do the authentication, windows local user. We use http. And all the ports listed in the guide are opened.

But after setting up the Nginx Revserse Proxy,cannot access to the hub. I highly suspected the setting in the server result to this.

I checked the help, but I need some sample.


Is there any doc can help?

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Hi Rosie,

Did you find a solution to your problem?

I got very goo results using the following link:

Re: Reverse Proxy and Authentication port redirect

I hope it will help.


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Hi Stephane, I have similar requirement. I have apache (v2.2) in DMZ as reverse proxy server, port # 4244/443 were opened from QlikSense (v2.2) server inside firewall to DMZ. I was using Windows authentication method, not 'Form' method. I got 404 error message saying URL is unknown: 


I am thinking to try NGINX as reverse proxy server, but notice you guys were using 'Form' method, could you explain why you decided to choose 'Form' method? Will it work with Windows authentication method?




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Hi Ben,

Using NGINX, it didn't work when we were using the "Windows" mode, we had to switch to "Form".

It is too bad that we do not have any option to change the Form layout and customize it.

This is only temporally for us, we will have our own login page soon.



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Thanks Stephane for sharing your knowledge.