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Qliksense Monitoring Apps Showing Error on Relaoding

Hello All,

Actually I am facing an issue with the scheduled Reload of Monitoring Apps (Both License Monitoring and Operation Monitoring).

I downloaded the Log File that is getting generated on the Failure of the task associated with this app.

Its showing me the Below error :-

44 fields found: Id, LogEntryPeriodStart, LogTimeStamp, Service, Hostname, Message, Export Count, Export Store Count, Description, ProxyPackageId, RequestSequenceId, _proxySessionPackage, Reload in Hub, UserId, ObjectId, ObjectName, ProxySessionId, Context, Command, Result, App Name, ProductVersion, Session Count, Sequence#, qmc_change, QMC Resource Type, SecurityClass, ClientHostAddress, TaskExecution, Severity, ActiveDocSessions, ActiveDocs, ActiveUsers, CPULoad, LoadedDocs, Selections, VMCommitted, VMAllocated, VMFree, VMPctCommitted, Cache Hits, Cache Lookups, Cache Bytes Added, _TimeDIM_Link,

2017-05-14 22:58:44          General Script Error

2017-05-14 22:58:44          Execution Failed

2017-05-14 22:58:44          Execution finished.

I tried running these apps manually and then it successfully ran up for the License Monitoring App. But its showing up the same error for Operation Monitoring App.

My Qliksense Version :-

Please suggest and do share your insights on the same so that I can resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance !!

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Re: Qliksense Monitoring Apps Showing Error on Relaoding

Is the user used to run the qlik services defined as a rootadmin?

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Re: Qliksense Monitoring Apps Showing Error on Relaoding


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