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Suggestions for QlikSense - mini forum - Wishlist

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Creator III
Creator III

Suggestions for QlikSense - mini forum - Wishlist

/*In the comments below, indicate what features you want the most*/

/*Not all of this is my work. Some were voiced by my colleagues and other folks who I've met and had an opportunity to work with.*/


I am creating this thread to gauge what features that we require in QlikSense for future releases.

I'll keep updating this thread periodically so we can have one consolidated list.

List of features:

1. Exporting Master Library of Dimension / Measures - Including all Metadata like colors / date created/ date modified.

@ Qlik - This is very useful for version control as multiple apps in the Org share same KPIs and Dimensions, it becomes easy for developers to re-use and maintain.

        1.1 Organizing Master Item list in 'Folders'

@Qlik - Being able to categorize the Master item list is pretty useful.

1.2 Ability to re-use Master measures within expression editor. (10/01/2018)


2. More shortcuts for developers - Like CTRL + R, CTRL + ALT + V etc.

3. Slider, Input Box, Dropdown (for Single select)

@Qlik - These may seem trivial but they're very useful, esp. in financial reporting. My team had to let go of a project because these features aren't available on QlikCloud  platform.

4. Sizeable Expression editor

@Qlik - This is pretty handy when the developers want to look at how the expression evaluates to. Currently the expression editor dialog box takes the whole screen and there's no easy way for developers to check the working of expression.

5. Variable dialog box should have a search / export option. Export option should fetch the metadata like Date created / Date modified and Tags, Description.

@Qlik -  This is extremely useful when you have a large set of variables. My app has over 1200 variables and currently there's no easy way to search for a particular variable. Giving the ability to export the variable data would save lot of time for developers as it can be used for QCing the data.

          5.1 Variables itself should have checkboxes.

  @Qlik -Checkboxes allow multiple variables to be deleted at once.

6. Tags created by developer should be made SEARCHABLE by developer / admin

7. 'Extend sheet' option has a faint scroll bar. Harder to spot.

8. Bookmarks should have the option to be shared with other users.

9. Comparative Analysis should be made a standard feature. (10/01/2018 - Now available)

10. Trendlines should be available as a standard option.

@Qlik - Eg. Linear, Moving average, Polynomial, Exponential etc. Currently it involves a tedious process of using linest and aggr functions to achieve this.

11. Better tooltips - Including charts, KPIs etc.

12. Table headings should have formatting options like Bold / Italic / Coloring/ Wrapping etc.

            12.1  A 'where clause' in straight table.


@Qlik - 'Dimension limit' option exists in QS but if more than one dimension exists, all other dimensions should be limited for this feature to actually work. This becomes complex when multiple measures exist as well. The best solution is to have a global condition for a straight table. For e.g. if I have sales, profits, cost and 10 other dimensions, I could have a single condition to restrict rows.

Say, Sum(Sales) < 1000. This would only show the records for all possible combinations of Dimensions and Measures that have sales less than 1000.

An if clause could be used inside an expression to achieve this but it's clunky.

13. New Visualizations

               @Qlik -

1. Mini charts in Tables

2. Sankey chart

3. Trellis chart

4. Candlestick chart (For Financial trading)

5. Gantt chart (For operational flow)

6. Calendar selection object

7. Violin Plot

8. Bullet Graph

9. Parallel Coordinates Plot (Pretty cool)

10. Coxcomb Chart

    Creating Coxcomb Charts in Tableau | Bora Beran

14. Folders in QlikSense Desktop


        14.1 Also, 'Folders'  - within - an app overview to group sheets together. Removes clutter.

15. Alerts in QlikSense (May require integration with QMC)

@Qlik - Say for example, the sales fall below 10,000$, there should be an alert sent to all the users via an e-mail.

16. Sheet level Access - Conditional show / hide of sheets.

@Qlik - This is super useful to show and hide sheets. Some of the requirements are such that certain visualizations should be 'hidden' for some users. This'll allow the developer to do that instead of going through a tedious process in the QMC.

17. Ability to search for fields in a TableViewer.

18. Scramble data in QlikSense.

@Qlik - While demoing apps to Sales people it's often best to obfuscate the data inside the app. QlikView has this feature which is super useful.

19. Folder Connection Pop-up should have a search option to lookup for specific files. Also helps if the Pop-up is larger

@Qlik -  It would be really useful to have a search option in the folder connections pop-up. This would allow folks to search for a specific file. Currently if a folder has a lot of files, the user is limited to scrolling wearily to the bottom to select a file. Also, if the Pop-up window were larger, it will be helpful to spot a specific file.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Vishnu,

To my knowledge, some of the points seems to be on the roadmap (Statement of Direction & other roadmap available). Though, it is a very good summary of all the wishes I have been made aware of and I have.

Also, FYI there are some workaround:

* there is a scramble option available via the dev-hub => Engine Explorer => You will find the function to scramble the fields needed;

* there is, via the same mean, the ability to use alternate states;

* the QMCU have some tool to export/import master items


Creator III
Creator III

Thanks Jonathan. Some of the features are very much needed in QlikCloud. We lost a project to tableau because of this

Creator II
Creator II


Creator III
Creator III

I am totally agree with you and I don't know why they are so lagging in those simple work.


Thank you for compiling this excellent list, Vishnu. I echo the need for better management of variables. Also, the ability to resize text in various places (pie chart dimension label; KPI header and footer; etc.).


As far as I can tell, this relates only to request [1] but goes far beyond it, I think:


I would like to be able to start with an enterprise data dictionary and build visualizations [in the abstract] over these definitions, all without being tied to a specific application.


Then I would build applications from these pre-built modules.  In the data load specifications, one would map the data brought into the app to the enterprise data items, dimensions, and measures defined in the enterprise catalog.


Modules would then inspect these mappings and use them by default, or one could override the default to another data item of choice.


Abstract modules inherited from enterprise dictionary could also be extended to include additional data and characteristics such as color, font, etc.

Creator III
Creator III

May be like this?

Qlik Sense Agent - YouTube


Hello @vkish16161,

The Qlik Sense Agent does some nice things, but I don't think it relates to my requests.  Governed Metrics Service begins to address these concerns, but just begins.  I have had problems getting consistent success using GMS, and its future has seemed to me in doubt, so I've suspended use of it until I get clarity on its future, or other potential solutions.


Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

- Areas under lines of combo charts

- Change legend title

- Hide elements in the legend

- Have numbers on each segment of a stacked bar graph

- Be able to chose colours for visualizations

Contributor III
Contributor III

I would like to suggest to Qlik Sense

1 - A preloader with percentage of loading;
2 - Configurable login screen
3 - Option to place a maintenance screen.
4 - More default layout options and with the possibility to change the application background and the object's borders / fonts more easily.

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