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Useful sub-routines to prevent re-writing script codes for frequent script logics

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Creator III
Creator III

Useful sub-routines to prevent re-writing script codes for frequent script logics

Last Update:

Dec 28, 2020 6:14:32 PM

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Created date:

Dec 9, 2020 3:45:27 PM

Sub-routines included:
(1)  DropAllTables(parTableExceptions_PIPE_Delimited)
  • Drop all tables, except the table names you pipe-delimit in the parameter.
 (2)  MappingFromQVD(parQVDTargetFolder,parQVDName,parMappingTableName_Optional,parMappingField1,parMappingField2)
  • If mapping from a QVD will use a resident reload to go faster for QVDs of more that 100,000 rows.
(3)  QVDFilterDate(parScriptLoadStatementSubName,parQVDStartDate,parQVDEndDate,parQVDDateField_Name,parQVDDateField_NUMorDateFormat)
  • Load faster from large QVDs using a support table with dates.
(4)  QVDFilterField(parScriptLoadStatementSubName,parQVDFilterONField_Name,parQVDFieldFilters_PIPE_Delimited)
  • Load faster from large QVDs using a support table with field filter-values (N.B. Be cautious with field data types).
(5)  QVDFileNamesList(parQVDTargetFolder,parQVDNamePrefix,parLoadLastNFiles)
  • Get a list of filenames in a folder that have naming-convention "[Filename_Prefix]_[YYYYMM].qvd".
(6)  QVDFileNamesLoad(parQVDTargetFolder,parQVDNamePrefix,parLoadLastNFiles,parOPTIONALsubName)
  • Load a list of QVDs in a folder that have naming-convention "[Filename_Prefix]_[YYYYMM].qvd".
(7)  DistinctFieldValues(parField)
  • Create a table with unique field-values.
(8)  DatesToBeFilled(parDateFieldRequiringFill,parDESC_or_ASC_Date_Ordering).
  • Create a table that gives you "missing date" values and the earliest previous (ASC) or earlies next (DESC) date. 
(9) QVDCreateYMSlices(parTableNameNEEDToNameAsTargetQVDs,parTargetFolder,parDateFieldNameToCreateQVDSlices,parPRIMARYkey)
  • Automatically create YYYYMM QVDs from a table you have loaded in the script.
(999) QVDCreateYMSlicesFromQVD(parSourceQVDFolder,parSourceQVDFile,parTargetFolder,parDateFieldNameToCreateQVDSlices)
  • Create YYYYMM QVD slices from a big QVD to get you started with an incremental YYYYMM QVD storing strategy.
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