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Debug JSON Protocol error?

I am having trouble debugging when I get a JSON Protocol error. Nothing shows up in the console. I solved it by trial and error and alot of reading the documentations.

What is the best way to debug a JSON protocol error?

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Re: Debug JSON Protocol error?


Have you tried chrome, developer tool (F12) and looked att the header information. If this does not help there other tools like Fiddler or Wireschark.

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Lars-Göran Book


Re: Debug JSON Protocol error?

Hi Karl,

Try using the Protocol Tester that ships with Qlik Sense Desktop and is accessible through the Workbench.  Connect to the engine by clicking the connected button then you can paste you JSON object in the "send" input text area an click "execute"

The request and response are displayed below and you can use this to test your JSON structures.




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