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load mashup from other path

Hi All,

I have qliksense server installed . on that i created one mashup by using available templates.

for one app i created a Mashup. when i go through dev hub mashup in working fine.

But i as well copy my mashup folder and paste on my server Desktop. but when i run my html file from desktop i only show design of html but it not showing the Qliksense object. Can any one tell me what changes i need to do to load qliksense object as well from desktop html.

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Re: load mashup from other path

Hello, you need to export your related app to your server Desktop and to change the appID in your mashup, because the ID of the app changes if you export the app.


Re: load mashup from other path

Hi ,

I am not exporting my app.  say i created one mashup . so mashup get created in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Extensions . and if i want to run my mashup so in url i am writing

https://servername/extensions/mashupfoldername/mashup.html‌  ... But if Same Mashup folder i copy and paste on

my destop and run the mashup.html . so it should show the page with qliksense object

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Re: load mashup from other path

Can you see which errors related to your objects are displayed in your browser ?

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Re: load mashup from other path


the mashup is a web page, so it need to be run in a web server. Qlik Sense includes a web server that can server your files from Extension directory and subdirectories, but if you want to have them somewhere else you need to use another web server like Microsoft IIS or Apache.

In the mashup you need to update some links in the HTML page, pointing to the requirejs javascript file (used for loading everything, but also including some qlik modules, which you need) and css file (qlik-styles.css). You also need to modify the config object at the top of the javascript file.

Hope this helps


Erik Wetterberg
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