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Contributor III
Contributor III

1 pivot table with conditional columns (11) or 8 pivot tables inside a container?


I want to know your opinion in this matter, mainly considering the performance.

The thing is that I need to see the same expressions (10) splitted differently when there is a selection.

So at this moment I have a main pivot table with a first dimension called measures, and for some of that measures another views are needed (with different columns).

So what I can do is create 7 predefined pivot tables inside a container that you can move on between.

Or insert all the columns inside the pivot tablet and create some logic with the selection of the measures.

What do you think will have better performance, or how can I test this?

Further to this, how can be measured the size of an object (in this case pivot table) and it's performance implication in a Qlikview report?



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The only way to be sure is to test both options. My guess is that one pivot table with conditional expressions will work best.

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