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Creator II
Creator II

Access Point Send to Excel opens qvsviewclient.aspx, And I cant open second export.


On desktop when I send to excel, it opens xls file with some weird string.

From Access Point on the Server it opens qvsviewclient.aspx and when I try to send again to excel it tries to open file with the same name, therefore blocking the opening.

What I want is the ability to open several exports at once.

Can someone help me here?


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Creator II
Creator II

Not sure what you mean by "... with some weird string." but are you able to open your document from the Access Point using the plugin version instead of the ajax version? I have three users who access the same document on different days, two of them use the plugin and get a proper excel file when they export but one uses the ajax version and gets the qvsviewclient.aspx version.