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Accessing QV applications with AccessPoint in IE doesn't work after installing Windows 10 Creator Update

Hi together,

I'm facing an issue accessing Qlikview applications from access point using IE 11 since I installed the Update Windows 10 Version 1703.  Now when clicking on an application in my AP I just get a blank page with ascreenshot_ie.PNG.

When I do a reset of the settings in the IE options , it works again. But I have to do this several times a day and this is definitly not a longterm solution (especially for all the other users) So I guess there is any setting blocking  it. Does anybody face the same issue and know how to fix it?

Hope anybody can help out.

Thanks in advance!


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I found the solution on my own: it was caused by the 'Protected Mode' in IE, which is activated by default and blocks some add-ons.

Where to find: internet options --> security tap --> "Enable Protected Mode"