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Activating QMC Reload qvw with an external event from CONTROLM task monitoring

Hello everybody,

In our company, we are using ControlM for control and monitor daily batch IT process (ETL
batch ,Informatica,scripts ORACLE  loading our Datawarehouse.)
Our QLIKVIEW documents .qvw are getting inputs from data in the Datawarehouse.

How could we set the QMC Reload Parameters to trap the succeeded event from CONTROLM which allows activation of
published documents in QMC ?

Could somebody help us ? 

Best regards


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Your CONTROLM task could use EDX to trigger the reload task in publisher.

Search here for EDX ro QMSEDX for more information and check this document:

Using EDX in QlikView 11

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Hello Jonathan ,

Thanks for your help

According to me, implementing EDX needs cautious approach , impacts analysis .... on our QLIKVIEW Server system.,...I will test the solution later with our technical support , and first on our  Developpment Test Platform.

Kind regards