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Contributor II
Contributor II

Any issues for QMSEDX at V12.2 SR7?

We are going upgrade the Qlikview Publisher from v11.2 SR5 to v12.2 SR7. Does anyone have experience any issues with QMSEDX after upgraded to v12.2 SR7? Anything need to take note before and after upgrade?  Please kindly share your experience and suggestion. Greatly appreciated your help and support. Thanks in advance.

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

There have been some fairly major changes in QlikView Distribution Service APIs, which are likely going to be an issue for the version of QMSEDX you are likely using, which will require some updates to the exe in order to handle some of the new status codes etc. QMSEDX was something one of the Qlik Consultants, Joe Bickley, wrote years ago, but he did post the source code, so you are able to modify things and recompile etc. 

Things may work, it is just if there is a status returned it does not recognize, that is likely going to cause a problem would be my hunch.  I know there was a partner that had done updates, but I seem to recall they pulled everything a while back, but if they see this, maybe they can post that update directly for you.  One new thing for sure is the new 'Queued' status, which the version you are running is not going to recognize.

Hopefully this helps a little, I would do thorough testing in 12.20, and just FYI, the latest SR is SR8, so going to SR7 is going to leave you one SR behind, and SR8 does have a security vulnerability fix in it as well.


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