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Can we replicate a set of tasks with triggers and dependencies into the same QlikView Publisher?

Hi everyone:

I am trying to replicate a set of multiple QlikView Publisher tasks  that have different triggers and  different  dependencies into the same QlikView Publisher? Not to a different server.

Say we have the following QVW documents:

QV X Documents [without tasks]

Doc 01.qvw

Doc 02.qvw

Doc 03.qvw

and I want to take the following set of QV Documents that exist on the same Publisher under a different header Name but with the identical QV Document names. These documents already have their tasks already created with their triggers and their dependencies

QV Y Documents [all already have their tasks defined with their triggers and dependencies]

Doc 01.qvw

Task 01


Doc 02.qvw


Doc 03.qvw

Task 04

I am looking for a quick way to copy all the tasks with their triggers in "QV Y Documents"  into "QV X Documents" including all tasks with their triggers and their dependancies... like if you were "cutting and pasting" a folder with its sub-folders and their content.

I am looking to do this many times and I would like a quick and short method to apply it as a "Cookie Cutter" to the entire set of docs opposed to copy a single task at a time.

Thanks for your help.

2 Replies
Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Don't think so. Anyway, not using the QMC.

But since task definitions are stored in XML files, you may be able to devise your own (PowerShell/Python/VBS) script to do this directly on the QVPR. Some advanced programming may be required...

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

I have tried searching for similar option in my previous project [ i wanted to create similar set of tasks for multiple database environment like dev/SIT/UAT etc in QMC]

Sorry, but I don't think there is any out of box feature in Qlikview to handle this scenario.