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Check Qlikview Service Status with VB Script?


I've been tasked with creating a way to monitor QV service health on our servers. I.e. if a service goes down, an email will be sent to a specified user group notifying them. My initial idea was to create a VB script that checks the status of each service, and returns a certain value if any are not running. It would then trigger an alert message. I would set this up to run in the Task Scheduler every 15 min or so.

What I'm wondering is if there is VB code to check for QV service status? I.e. is there a function that will return if a service is running/not running?

Any help appreciated !


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Master II
Master II

Search google for:

vbscript to check if windows service is running

You should get many examples.


Hi Taylor,

The QlikView Power Tools may be your solution here. QlikView Power Tools is a suite of utilities which can be utilized for troubleshooting purposes. You can use the QlikView Server Super Agent which is a monitoring tool for QlikView Server which monitors QV services and reports service outage via email notifications.

Hope this helps


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