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Current Selection in Excel Export

Is it possible to include the current selection in the exported excel? My users are accessing the QVW in the QVS using the IE Plugin and Desktop Client. But when they export it in excel, the current selection is not included in it. But when they use the AJAX client, they can view it.

I followed the instruction here but it is not working:

Export Current Selections to Excel by Default

I know that you can change the setting in the "User Preference" -> Export on BIFF Exports, but I prefer something that can set in the server where it will be always the default setting.

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You have to go to user preferences and in the export tab check option On BIFF Export too, but you to do it in your server. see images:


Creator II
Creator II

SelectionStampInBIFFExport=1 DOES print your selections in your Excel when the qvw is hosted in the QlikView Server.

I'm not too sure about that document you refer to in the resource library. It tells you to edit the ini file and then restart the QlikView Server but you will not be able to save the ini file if the QlikView Server service is running as it locks the file.

The document also says to add the entry AllowSessionCollaboration=1. This option should be modified using QMC not by editing the ini file and anyways it has nothing to do with the Excel exports.

The doc also says to put the excel entry below the entry for AuthenticationLevel=2 we don't have that setting in our ini file but there is a section labelled [Authentication] but your Excel setting should not be in that section it should be in the [Settings 7] section.

I would advise you check you ini file again to make sure your changes took place and that the ini file wasn't locked and that they were in the right place. Shut QlikView Server down first, restart after the edit.