Export Current Selections to Excel by Default

    Hi all, I decided to post this document because I was searching for a solution on how to configure QVS to export the current selection to Excel from AccessPoint by default.

    Unfortunately the only thing I found in the community (maybe I didn't look hard enough) was to set it up on the desktop level.


    So, here it is...


    If you want to have the current selections exported (at the bottom of your document) every time you export something to Excel from any document in AccessPoint you need to:


    1. Stop Qlikview Server service
    2. Edit Settings.ini which is, usually, located under C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer
    3. Add the two lines below under [Settings 7] (I don't think it really matters where you add the two lines below)



      4.  Save the file

      5.  Start Qlikview Server service

    You should see something like the screenshot below next time you export something to Excel

    Export to Excel.png