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Distribution Service : Tasks not updated in xml files


I've a serious issue with a Qlikview Server 11.20 SR (11.20.12235) and Publisher.

Some tasks aren't updated after a change made in the QMC. For example, if I add a new user to the distribution, or if I change the target folder, the task keep executing the old task.

I searched in ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\Tasks and when I open the .xml corresponding to my task, i noticed that the last update of that file was a long time before my update. And in the file, the informations was indeed the users and folder previously used.

I tried to create a new task yesterday, it worked. But today, I made a new modification, and it wasn't updated either. (but in the QMC, in the task detail, it shows the right information, with my modifications !!)

Does someone know what is going on with my server ?

Thank you for your help.

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