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Does qlikview file store any trail about the auther and modifier of document?

I want to know who (Windows username)created and who have modified a particular qlikview file. I have checked the xml files created from the qvw file using the -prj method, but there is nothing related to that. There is also a file with .dat extension which might have storing this information. Can anyone help me in reading that dat file.

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

I don't think so. Changes to QlikView documents are traced and documented outside of those documents by external systems, not inside a QVW. That's why QV Desktop provides interfaces to VCS...

Even if QV would try to automatically manage this information as a trail inside the QVW, think about this one (I found no suitable answer 😞 if I create a template QVW that is used by other developers, then who will be the creator of the document based on my template? How should QV Desktop know this?