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Doesn´t work a macro in the onOpen Trigger


I have insert an OnOpen trigger in order to run a macro to fit the window, but when I open the qlikview document, it doesn´t work properly.

What can I do to run the macro when I open the document? Is there other solution to run this macro without insert this action on a text box?

This is the code that I have used to the macro.

Sub Zoom





End Sub

Thank you very much!

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Are you talking about opening in Qlikview Desktop or opening in the ajax client in the browser? The OnOpen trigger doesn't work in the ajax client.

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I use the trigger when I open the Qlikview Desktop

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Partner - Champion III

What do you mean by "it doesn't work properly"? It doesn't zoom well, or it doesn't work at all?

If you attach the same action to a button, does clicking the button cause the sheets to be fitted to your window area?

Take into account that a zoom like this will make all objects fit into the window area. This includes invisible objects.