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Download Plugin issue with IE 10

I'm running Windows 7 and IE 10 on the PC, which has never had the plugin installed.  I have upgraded our server to SR3 and I am testing all aspect of the upgrade before upgrading our production.  All aspects of Access Point are working, with the exception of the download the plugin.  After IE downloads the file, it asks whether to open or save, like it doesn't know it's an exe and I don't get prompted to run.  Has anyone else seen this behavior or can direct me in the right direction?

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Hi Thomas,

Same here. I am using Windows 7 and IE 10. Not that I am a fan of IE10 but company's IT personnel insisted installing it. Symptoms you encountered are identical to mine. And more interestingly, some of my colleagues are using same laptop with me that has the same configuration and software but they can use plugin seamlessly.

Please let me know if you find a solution for plugin, I cannot fully utilize plugin's potential if I am forced to use Ajax.

Best wishes,

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Sorry, for taking a bit to respond, But last week, when I tried, the site was undergoing maintenance. Here is what I discovered with our issue with IE 10. Most of our consultant laptops have been upgraded to 64-bit operating systems and we provide a SaaS product to customers external to us. A lot of our customers could have mixed 64/32 bit operating systems as well. So, we had issues while trying to test on different machines, utilizing whichever browser was designated as the default (displayed in system tray/start menu). After a few hours testing on different machines and having little luck, it dawned on me that it might be the browser. The IE plugin is an x86 install. All I did on the 64 bit OS systems was make sure that we opened the 32 bit browser version and not the 64 bit. That resolved all our issues with IE 10.

It took a while, but the only way I found it was talking to a customer that didn’t have any issues with the plugin and IE10. All of our settings were the same as far as browser security and everything else, but she was on a 32 bit machine. So that right there pointed me in the right direction to look on the 64 bit machine, which was where most of our issues were. I hope this helps. Let me know if it solves your issues.


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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply and walking the required steps with me. I am glad that you managed to sort out the issue but your method did not work at my side. I am firing IE 10 - 32bit on x64 Windows 7 laptop, installing the plugin but still cannot activate the plugin's functionality while within the browser and I am forced to use Ajax again.

I will share with you here again if I can sort things out so that others may refer to our solutions when they read. In the meantime, your additional suggestions are welcomed.

Take care and best wishes,