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Dynamic Update (10 users+ deployments) – Success Stories?

Hi folks,

Long time…

I’m curious about the stability of "Dynamic Update" feature on QVS11.2; as it is a strategic component to make a project viable.

I understand that the feature has not necessary been built for large volume of changes coming from a large amount of distinct client (users).

I would be interested to hear about successful deployment making use of the Dynamic Update feature with at least 10 simultaneous users dynamically updating in-memory data say 50 times+ each (one record at the time), with complete server stability.

Any thoughts, experiences, or perspectives on the subject will be appreciated as always.


Nicolas D.

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Hi Nicolas

I think your question is you are not sure about QV server version. i think the faster way is you can try to check the development package if you have , otherwise use the personal edition. as for the server you can try to surf those sample app which develop by QV.

what i know is many big org have many user , and have been using this. in conclusion your requrement is quite small for QV. it is what you like to hear ?


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response there...

And well... yes I understand that this is very small deployment Qlikview server wise;

It is simply that I have a limited understanding of the "Dynamic Update" feature.

For example, I understand that all users who are allowed to do dynamic updates, needs to be part of local group "Qlikview Administrators";

Which to me indicate that it might not be a feature meant for "moderate" volume of updates from say 10 concurrent users, as this is using Qlikview more as a transactional system, then a BI platform.

But, if what you are telling me that you have in fact deployed project where many concurrent users do "dynamic update to the same QVW document" simultaneously (say 10+ at the same time), and the server can take it without problem; well in that case, great, that's all I wanted to know



Did you ever learn more about Dynamic Updates?  Did you move ahead and implement a solution?



Hi Greg,

I would think Direct Discovery would be a better option than Dynamic Updates. This was very limited in what it could update.


Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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Thanks for your response.  There seems to be limitations on fields that are accessed via Direct Discovery and where those fields can be used.  Our goal was to use some of the direct discovery fields in list boxes since they were "dimension" data, but they aren't available for that use.

Still interested in Dynamic Updates or other means to reload that are faster than EDX.