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Error connexion at java client in IE7


I have installed Qlikview server 8.5 and Qlikview Publisher 8.5 in my server. The OS is Windows server 2003 small business server. When i test java client in the is OK, but when i test java client in a computer of my domaine i have an error message.

Error message : connection with server terminated, refresh page or reopen document to reconnect

My user is in the Qlikview administrator.

I have attached a word document with more explication (capture and explication)



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I've just upgraded to QlikView Server 9.0 SP2 and I'm getting the exact same error. I find it hard to believe there isn't a lot more clients getting the same error. When I connect to the server and hit the accesspoint locally on my company's LAN, I don't have any problems accessing my QlikView documents and viewing them using the IE Plugin or Java. But when I attempt to go outside the network and access the AccessPoint over the internet I can view the documents using the IE Plugin but not with the Java option. Has anyone found a solution to this?

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Hi there,

Have you guys had any luck with this?

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I have since upgraded to Version 9.00.74669.8 SR4 and I am still having the same issues as before, unable to connect to document using the java option in QlikView AccessPoint.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

One thing is for sure: Even if you don't have to install the java client it still runs on the workstation and has to connect to the server. According to the manual, the java client primarily uses port 4747, but it can fall back to the tunnel dll.

When I experienced the problem it seemed, however, that port 4747 was never even tried, and the "connection terminated" was due to the tunnel dll being incorrectly setup. What I did was

  1. add SCRIPTS -> C:\Program files\Qlikview\Server\QvTunnel to QlikView Web Server's list of root folders in QEMC.
  2. add qvstunnel.dll to the list of allowed web service extensions in IIS.
Not sure if both measures were necessary, though, or why the installer doesn't set these things up from the start if they are.