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Experience Load Balancing with SBE?

I am aiming to have a psuedo cluster SBE environment. I know SBE does not offer cluster functionality out of the box, though what I am aiming for is more so load balancing than shared resources. What I am thinking is have 3 QlikView servers: 1 Publisher and 2 SBE servers. We would then have a shared storage between the three QlikView servers and a load balancer. A user would be directed to the AccessPoint of Server 01. Once that servers resources reach a threshold, the balancer would direct users to Server 02. The servers would be identical except for the license information. They would be accessing the same files.

Would there be any issue in a networking or authentication standpoint? Also, could both servers write to the same files at the same time, sessions, bookmarks, etc...?

All this would happen in AWS. 3 R3 servers and Elastic Load Balancing service with Elastic File Storage shared between the servers. All would be on the same subnet. Since this is SBE the security is through AD. The idea is that we could spin up the second server and handle additional once the first server is maxed out.

From what I understand, this has been done with EE, but I couldn't find anything with SBE.


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

I'm not too sure that this will work. Both QVS's have no idea that they're actually running side-by-side. As you already suggested, that means that the .meta and .shared files could be rewritten by both QVS at the same time. Will probably cause a lot of problems... 

However if you're sure that it works with an EE version (two licensed standalone QVS without clustering) then I guess it could work with SBE as well...