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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hardware Upgrade for Distribution Service Server

We are running a cluster with two servers that are running the Qlikview Distribution service.  One server is running the QMC also and is our main server for Qlikview. The other is only running the distribution service.  We need to replace the hardware for the servers.  We have already replaced hardware on our three servers running web services and we ran into some really strange issues when that happened.  We lost some settings in the QMC even though we backed up all of the folders holding the settings files.  Has anyone else replaced hardware recently, especially hardware running distribution? Did you run into anything strange or have any suggestions? We are on version 12.4

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I wouldn't expect an hardware upgrade to reset your Qlik View settings if not upgrade or migration were involved. 

Do you know which file/settings got reset?


Bastien Laugiero
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Creator III
Creator III

My environment is all virtual and I've always done "migration" upgrades of the entire environment at once - so I've never had this issue. The names of the servers are embedded in the settings - so perhaps that is the root cause? If your old QVDS was ServerName1, and you replaced it with ServerName2 I would expect you to loose your settings. I know when I migrate I need to open up the repository and update the XML with my new server names to prevent me from loosing all my settings.

Contributor II
Contributor II

It appears we lost some setups in the settings files for the QMC.  We have screenshots of all of our settings so we were able to get everything set back up correctly, but it was just strange.  We lost some of the settings for the server connections and for the mounted folders, even though the names of the servers were updated so that they did not change.  (We took the production down, renamed it, named the new one the old production name, pushed in the new one.)



The QlikView services exe.config files are reset to their default values when QVS is upgraded.  The Mounted Folders are stored in the QVS Settings.ini file, so if there are discrepancies between old server/new server, it may account for the issues you were seeing.

For future reference, Qlik Support article Worry Free Migration for QlikView Server / Publisher  has some great information regarding upgrading/migrating QlikView Server/Pub.

Best Regards

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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